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About KBerby Art 

My passion for crafting jewelry and painting came to me through my love for the beauty that exists in all of nature. Capturing small glimpses of this natural beauty has been an ongoing and developing passion throughout my life. 


My passion for crafting jewelry started early in life, but only in later years did I take it more seriously. I love and find joy in creating unique, often colorfully designed pieces using natural semi-precious gemstones and blending them with silver and gold.  Jewelry is often an expression of ones own individual style and personality. My hope is my jewelry will compliment and accentuate your aesthetic expression of self.

As a painter, I have been basically self taught. Developing my own style with each painting. I studied Graphic Communications at the California State University - Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA, and for many years worked in the Commercial Arts and Printing industry.  (Note - this website will be extended to include my paintings at a later date).

I live in both Colorado and Idaho where all of it's amazing naturally wild beauty and extensive wildlife are my backyard. It is a constant inspiration for my varied creative passions.

Grand Canyon Colorado River
Karen Berby Jewelry Artist
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